Data Recovery

The sudden disappearance of data is always disturbing, but there is no need for alarm. If you discover you have lost data :

  1. DO NOT save any data to the hard drive.
  2. Close all programs (without saving your current work or settings).
  3. Shut down the computer and physically unplug the power.
  4. Take a deep breath, and analyze what was going on when the data was lost. This includes user activity, unusual sounds, and any power disruptions.
  5. Contact a reputable data recovery center with the details. Do not attempt any “home remedies” like freezing the hard drive or opening the drive up and vacuuming out the inside. Further operation of the hard drive or improper handling can only increase the damage to the drive and could result in permanent loss of data.

HTI is equipped to recover data from hard drive failures both logical and physical. Covering a wide array of hard drives, media types, and different server RAID configurations.

All non-RAID evaluations are free of charge and performed within two to six hours of receiving the media. There is a $500 charge for evaluating RAID configuration and a $750 charge for water damaged media due to the time and complexity involved. A quote will be given only after the analysis has been completed and will include as estimated time of completion. All situations are different, but our turnaround times are usually 24 to 48 hours for logical failures and typically three to ten days for raid configurations, depending on the size and speed of the drives, the complexity of the failure, and the availability of parts.

For an inital assessment please fill out our Data Recovery Form and an engineer will contact you shortly. This contains all of the information that any data recovery company will want to know. You can also refrence our shipping guidlines for packaging instructions as well.


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