The dynamic nature of network environments necessitates continued vigilance and adaptation to new threats in order to maintain a secure infrastructure. This presents a challenge for business and opportunity for external and internal threats to any organization. Your security needs to be assessed and updated on a regular basis. The “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” or (“PCI-DSS”) requires quarterly assessments and annual penetration testing. This is rapidly becoming the standard security practice.

To be security conscious no longer requires a full time IT staff, a large budget, and constant training to stay current with technology and the latest threats. High Tech Investigations, LLC works closely with business to provide affordable quarterly security audits that will not break the bank. These audits provide the means for each company to increase the overall security posture. Here knowledge truly is power for the company. The first place to start is understanding the security risks facing each network, only with this in-sight can a business start increasing their security and reducing their exposure.

All too often, security is considered after an incident has already taken place. The costs associated with damage control, containment, remediation, and investigations far out-weight any preventative action. This is not to mention the less tangible costs to quantify such as; adverse publicity, reputation, and loss of business. Regardless of the source for the incident, a security breech, disgruntled employee, or a malicious system administrator, the damages are difficult to estimate. ”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

High Tech Investigations provides:

  1. Configuration analysis for routers and firewalls
  2. Network Architecture assessment
  3. External and Internal security auditing
  4. Configuration analysis for workstations an servers
  5. Exchange configuration analysis
  6. Policy and procedural recommendations
  7. Wireless testing and unauthorized access point discovery
  8. Physical inspections for unauthorized remote access devices and hardware key loggers
  9. Detailed server inspections for “logic bombs”, malware, backdoor access, and unauthorized access.
  10. User security awareness training
  11. Detailed “Summary of Findings” report
  12. Recommendations

External threats are constantly evolving and with the flow of business and technology. As companies leverage new technologies to extend functionality to employees, clients, and partners, their exposure to risk grows. Insecurely exposed networks, hosts, and applications are attack surfaces that can be exploited resulting in business interruptions, loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of critical data and services. High Tech Investigations, LLC can help proactively reduce your risks in addition to the cleaning up after an incident occurs.

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