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For an evaluation of your data recovery situation, please:

  1. Complete this form with as much detail as you can.
  2. Print and sign the completed form.
  3. Click on the send button, indicating you have read and understand the service agreement
  4. Package and ship your media with a signed copy of this form.
  5. If your business requires a different confidentiality agreement please include that as well. HTI will honor it.
  6. If any of the recovery effort is in support of possable litigation please ship to one of the listed FedEx locations and have it held for pickup. This is to ensure positive control of the media for "Chain of Custody" evidence purposes.

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Are there any known passwords to access the media: IF yes, HTI will contact you for the details.

Was the data stored using compression:
If yes, what is the compression software:

Was the data stored using backup software:
If yes, what is the name of the sofware:

Optional Service Selections
Emergency: $500.00 USD
Water Damaged: $750.00 USD
Raid Recovery: $500.00 USD
Local Pickup and Delivery : $100.00 USD

Circunstances leading to data loss (noises heard etc.)*:

What methods (if any) were used to try and recover the data?

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Once completed please inculde this form with the media or fax it to HTI along with the shippers tracking number.

Step 4: Print and sign the form.


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