HTI Forensic Specials

With the advent of regulatory compliance, rising identity theft, and an awareness of insider threats, computer forensics and investigations have become a required tool in every business arsenal. The corresponding cost associated with forensic investigation makes it cost prohibitive to use for every complaint or suspicion. High Tech Investigations, LLC has bundled a set of forensic services to resolve the investigation / cost dilemma.

The Investigation Analysis Special provides a quick analysis of hard drives or other media to establish if further investigation is warranted. This includes:

  • 30 minute consult.
  • Documenting and cataloging the media.
  • Establishing a Chain of Custody .
  • Creating an evidence grade image of the media.
  • Up to 10 Key Word search “Provided to us”.
  • 10 hours of labor (includes writing the report).
  • Report of all finding with recommendations.
  • Storage of the media for up to one year.

This information this analysis provides will help you determine if an investigation is warranted and if any evidence does exist to support it. This is the first step for any investigation, and enables you to properly respond without breaking the bank. Discounts are also available for non-profit organizations and the Department of Justice. We are just a call away.

If you are located in Colorado door to door service might be available where HTI can acquire the media on site for you. Call for available areas. Please refer to our shipping instructions on using Federal Express to maintain the chain of custody.